From August 15-16, another agricultural exhibition was held on the territory of the Orenburg region – “DAY OF THE ORENBURG FIELD 2022”. At the booth of our official NOVOTECH Dealer, SIPTEC tillage implements were presented, namely:
1. Combined intensive cultivator MASTER HD, which is ideal for basic tillage with intensive mixing and incorporation of crop residues. The 620 mm high-strength steel cut-out discs perfectly chop and close up the difficult stubble of corn, sunflower, and also excellently cope with crop residues of grain crops.
2. The mounted subsoiler RY 7 is an implement that is ideal for economical, fast and high-quality soil tillage up to 65 cm. . The bolted connection of the racks ensures reliable fastening of the working bodies to the frame, at the same time being a safety mechanism against breakage.