From September 23-24, the Samara region hosted the “VOLGA AGRICULTURAL INDUSTRIAL EXHIBITION 2022” on its fields. This time, SIPTEC, together with our official Dealer Evrotechnika MPS, demonstrated a number of implements that are in great demand among agricultural producers of the Volga Federal District. SIPTEC subsoiler model RM 6 300 and harrow hoe SIPTEC model SONIC 900 were presented at the booth. The last tool aroused particular interest among farmers, who noted the high quality of workmanship and universal agronomic use. This unit not only removes weeds, but also breaks up crusted soil to make it easier to grow crops. Adjustable universal rotary harrows of the Sonic series can handle crops such as corn, cereals, soybeans and others. The high working speed of processing by this unit in 12-25 km/h significantly saves time.