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Model Sonic

Sonic models make up our proposition for economical mechanical small weed control, not only by removing them but also smashing the crusted or tight soil caused mostly by heavy rain, to contribute in a smooth crop growing. Cultures such as corn,grain, soy and others can be penetrated with the adjustable, versatile Sonic rotary harrow. The high operating speed of 12-25 km/h saves time for user. It mixes and disturbs the soil surface, due to the powerful rotating stars even in mulch conditions

  • 3-point hitch CAT.2
  • Tandem rotating stars
  • Independent arms with compression springs
  • Robust rigid central frame 120×120 mm and 100×100 mm side frames
  • High ground clearance
  • Adjustable row width

Technical data

ModelSonic 250Sonic 300Sonic 450Sonic 600Sonic 900
Working width (m)2,53,04,56,09,0
Transport width (m)2,53,03,0/4,53,0/6,03,0/4,0
Number of rotary wheels2632486496
Tractor power (HP)65-8080-9090-110110-150150-190

The rotary wheel is manufactured by high quality cast steel. The outer diameter is Ø545 mm with 16 spikes, 21 mm wide. The tandem subassembly is mounted on an independent arm of 50×50 mm bar, giving it the ability to absorb soil irregularities and avoid uneven blockages, leaving a smooth result. Two options of direction, aggressive and smooth, depending the soil conditions.

Reflective warning boards kit with or without lights


Rubber depth control wheels

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