Subsoil cultivator

model RMX

The RMX subsoil cultivator is SIPTEC’s proposal for one pass. The robust frame in combination with the compact pattern with 2 rows of shanks type Michel, allows for an excellent work by crushing the soil without destructuring it and leaves a levelled result. The lifting-rotating shape of Michel type shanks, decompact the soil and mix it with the culture debris. The working depth is from to 20 to 40 cm while t he overload protection occured by means of shear bolts.
The double wave roller chops and mixes the residues,  clods are crushed ultimately, while the surface is being recompacted.


  • Curved Michel shanks
  • 3-point hitch CAT.3
  • Rigid frame 120x120x10 mm
  • Working depth up to 400 mm
  • Under beam clearance 720 mm
  • Two rows of tines – row spacing 900 mm
  • Shear bolt protection against overload
  • Parking prop stands for safe storage

Technical data

ModelRMX 300RMX 350RMX 400
Working width (m)3,03,54.0
Transport width (m)
Number of Shanks121416
Weight included roller (kg)2.4502.8003.250
Tractor power (HP)120-140140-180180-220

Fertilizer edition kit: control unit with monitor, capacity 1200 litres, coil powered by a 12V electric motor, fertilizer distributor agitator, hopper strainer grid, canvas lid, adjustable fertilizer depth placement, several application rates, from minimum to maximum dosage (kg / ha), distribution rate proportional to the working speed, GPS antena.

Reflective warning boards kit with or without lights


Pair of wheels for depth control

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