VibroPro RT S

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Seedbed combination

model VibroPro RT S

Working width from 4m to 8m feature excellent transport abilities as they are hydraulically foldable, via automatic tilting inwards/outwards of the wing sections which are mounted on robust frame of exceptionally good stress capacity.

VibroPro RT S models are equipped with front cage rollers Ø 380 mm that enable easy and exact depth regulation via a crank handle, while they enhance the leveling result. VibroPro RT S models are also very suitable for very shallow seedbed preparation. Front cage rollers are always accompanied by a front knife bar which carries crumbling knifes. The knife bar is in front of every front roller and is height adjustable. The knifes attached to it assist in crushing, grinding and milling the otherwise unworkable clay or the bigger clods.

  • Semi-mounted
  • Robust, hydraulic folding frame 200x200x10 mm
  • 4 rows of S-tines made of 50×50 mm square pipes
  • Adjustable front cage rollers Ø 380 mm, supported in ball bearings, for precision cultivation
  • Adjustable front knife bar with crumbling knifes
  • Reinforced, double rear crumbler rollers Ø 350 mm, bearing mounted, shaft Ø 40 mm

Technical Data

ModelVibroPro RT S 400VibroPro RT S 450VibroPro RT S 500VibroPro RT S 600VibroPro RT S 700VibroPro RT S 800
Working width (m)4,04,55,06,07,08,0
Transport width (m)2,42,42,42,42,43,0
Number of S-tines 45x12mm263034404854
Number of double coil spring tines 25x25 mm with sweep points 285*8 mm161820242832
Number of shear bolt protected shares 40x16 mm with sweep points 255*5 mm202224283236
Weight (kg)3.2553.5903.9304.6055.2805.955
Tractor power (HP)120-160140-180160-200180-230200-250220-280


VibroPro RT S
VibroPro RT S
VibroPro RT S
VibroPro RT S
VibroPro RT S
VibroPro RT S


VibroPro RT S

Reflective warning boards kit with or without lights

VibroPro RT S

Sweep points 200×4 instead of points for S-tines 45x12mm

VibroPro RT S

Rear rake tines