SIPTEC, one of the leading companies in the agricultural industry, once again took part in the most prestigious Russian agricultural exhibition – YUGAGRO 2023. Together with our dealer in the Krasnodar Territory, AGROTECHNOLOGY company, we presented a wide range of high-performance SIPTEC tillage equipment. This year, 5 models of equipment from our line were presented at the exhibition, showing a high level of quality and reliability of our products.

1. The SIPTEC VibroPro 600 mounted pre-sowing cultivator is a unique tool that allows you to create ideal conditions for sowing, even in the most extreme situations. This gun has a front leveling bar, four rows of spring-loaded cultivator racks with a pointed foot and a double finishing roller. All these components guarantee excellent leveling of the field surface, crushing of large soil particles and the formation of a perfectly dense seedbed.

2. The subsoiler RY 9  is the ideal solution for economical, fast and high-quality tillage to a depth of 65 cm. Due to its high clearance (92 cm), this tool can easily cope with any tasks, even in the most clogged fields, without fear of clogging with crop residues. Bolted connection of the racks guarantees reliable fastening of the working bodies to the frame and at the same time serves as a safety mechanism against breakdowns.

3. The combined disco-foot cultivator SIPTEC MASTER HD 350 is ideal for basic tillage with intensive mixing and sealing of crop residues. High-strength discs with a diameter of 620 mm are made of special steel and perfectly grind and seal up complex residues of corn, sunflower, and also effectively cope with the remnants of grain crops.

4. The DiscoPlus M RT 700 trailed disc harrow is ideal for surface tillage with intensive mixing and sealing of crop residues. The unique design of the “2 + 1” rack (mounting 2 discs on the 1st damping rack) made it possible to increase the distance between the racks to 50 cm, which, in turn, guaranteed excellent performance without clogging, even in wet conditions. Cut-out discs made of high-strength steel with a diameter of 520 mm or 570 mm (optional) perfectly grind and seal the stubble of corn, sunflower, and also perfectly cope with crop residues of cereals, allowing you to work comfortably at speeds up to 16 km/h.

5. The Dracon MR T HD 500 stubble cultivator is a high—performance trailed stubble cultivator with a long service life.The rigid and durable central frame is designed for a processing depth of up to 35 cm, even in very harsh conditions, thanks to the hydropneumatic overload protection. The 3-row arrangement of the working bodies (rack with side blades) in a staggered manner ensures intensive mixing of the soil, and the high clearance of the frame (85 cm) and the large distance between the racks (70 cm) guarantee stable operation without clogging in the most extreme conditions.

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